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PICK AND PLACE SYSTEMS are generally designed with a one or more number of stations on overhead runway rails operated by Servo motor. Every station is consist of up-down head either operated by Pneumatic Cylinder or Motor. With the help of up-down head the load automatically transfers from one station to other. After picking the load, the head can raise vertically to allow the horizontal transfer of the load.
When the horizontal destination is reached, the pick head will automatically lower; so that the load can be safely deposited.  These Pick and Place Systems are often used to Transfer, collect and dispense the components. SAPL pick and Place Systems normally used for Applications that require transferring, collecting and dispensing , may be suited for vacuum attachment as well as Magnetic and Clamp pick. Vehicle Body Shell, Aluminum, composites and plastics are also handled by our equipment with vacuum attachment, mechanical grippers, forks or clamps, as the specific part and process dictate.