To overcome business challenges, Synergytech provides IT solutions for Enterprise resource planning.

We optimize every step of the enterprise resource planning lifecycle to create higher quality of software, developed ERP as per customer requirement in less time at a lower cost to speed up the transaction of enterprises.

In SAPL, to stay successful and competitive, we have to intelligently apply new technologies and innovations to provide better more reliable products and services for our customers.


Innovative thinking is not a talent, it is a skill that can be learnt. It empowers people by adding strength to their natural abilities which improves teamwork, productivity and appropriate profits.


We can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. But we are adding new technology by the time product get it built. Customer always want something new.


Reliability is one of the keys to any good business relationship, and good Customer service is no exception. Manufacturing reliable products is our key strength.